The PaleoSen project is an international collaborative framework aiming to discover, study, and preserve the Senegalese paleontological heritage. More specifically, we seek to document the evolution of the marine and continental vertebrate faunas from the end of the Mesozoic to the beginning of the Cenozoic period.


    To this end, the PaleoSen project aims to:

  1. -prospect the numerous unexplored regions of Senegal;

  1. -organise excavations in recently discovered sites;

  1. -study and publish the newly discovered fossil material;

  1. -contribute to the formation of new Senegale scientists;

  1. -initiate the formation of the first palaeontology collection in the Department of Geology in Dakar in order to provide access and care for the fossil material to local scientists, students, and scientific visitors.

    Researchers from different fields are already involved in the study and preservation of the original fossil material collected during recent explorations from 2010 to 2011. These pilot expeditions have revealed an untapped fossil resource and have revived paleontological research in this remote part of Africa. The continuation of this partnership has the potential to greatly improve our knowledge of the origin and evolution of modern African faunas.

    All the fossils collected under the PaleoSen project belong to Senegal and are stored in the collections of the Geology department of the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar (contact, Raphaël Sarr).